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Eric Arnold

Eric Arnold

Eric Arnold was a 36 year old professional mountain climber and motivational speaker from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Eric had attempted to climb Mount Everest four times, and on fifth attempt on May 19, 2016 he was successful in reaching the summit.


His first attempt in 2012 poor weather forced him to turn back while only meters away from the summit.

In 2013 an ice skating accident prevented him from attempting an Everest climb after months of training.

In 2014 in accident 16 Sherpa guides were crushed by a falling block of ice, which prevented Eric's attempt.

In 2015 his fourth attempt 18 climbers were killed in an avalanche that he survived.



On Friday May 20, 2016, during his descent from the summit of Mount Everest, although he had enough oxygen and climbing partners he felt ill from altitude sickness and then died.



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