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Epoch Failure

Epoch Failure

North Star Media recording artist Epoch Failure (pronounced “epic failure”) is an urban pop duo resulting from the collaborative efforts of singer/producer Billy Joe Marrero and rapper Nick Young.

Their 5-song debut EP was mixed and co-produced by Grammy-nominated producer Billy Hume (Lil’ Jon, Ying Yang, Pitbull).

The latest single, “Champion,” is an adrenalin-charged urban/rock hybrid that has aired regularly on 100+ international video outlets including CMC, AXS TV, Blastro, Promo Only, The Pulse TV Network, Channel M and many more.

In addition, “Champion” has been featured in a month-long Fox Sports promo campaign, along with a national TV ad campaign for Swisse in Australia.

Meanwhile, Epoch Failure’s lead track “Where I’m Sposed To Be” is set to appear in the upcoming theatrical release Barely Lethal (starring Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hailee Steinfeld) and it was also featured in Oxygen Network's Bad Girls Club.

While "Champion" may strike some as a major departure from the fun, boozy mayhem of their lead-off single "Where I'm Sposed to Be," the new song is actually anchored to the same YOLO fundamentals underlying the melodic, party anthem.

"Just like 'Where I'm Sposed to Be,'" says Epoch Failure's Nick Young, "'Champion' is also about living in the moment and taking a never surrender approach– going after what you want in a full-throttle manner."

He then adds, "The only difference is this new song is more about sweat and blood than Jack and Coke."

Singer Billy Joe Marrero (aka “Billy The Kidd”) was born and raised in Camden, NJ.

As one of five boys growing up in a single parent home, he’s no stranger to challenges.

In 2007, ABC’s 20/20 came to Camden to profile children growing up under the conditions of extreme poverty.

Billy was one of three kids selected by the show’s producers.

For nearly a year he was followed by news anchor Diane Sawyer and crew, who even spent a night in his family’s house to experience sleep without heat or power.

After this 20/20 special aired, the positive response to Billy and his family was overwhelming.

So much so, they were nominated for an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The makeover included a home recording studio for Billy to pursue his musical passions.

He’s been crafting killer melodies and bangin’ out monster tracks ever since.

Rapper Nick Young (aka “Nickey Knoxx”) was born in Brooklyn, raised in Williston, SC and then bounced around the east coast before finally landing in Trenton, NJ.

As a rapper, Nick has been grinding on the Jersey hip-hop scene since his early teens.

Once of legal age, he enlisted in the Army as a way to receive a college education and open up more options for his future.

Nick attended West Virginia University and now, in addition to penning brilliant lyrics and rockin’ crazy crowds, he serves full-time in the New Jersey Army National Guard as a photographer and broadcast journalist.

In many ways Epoch Failure’s latest single “Champion” is a perfect sonic portrait for these work hard, play hard guys who are all about fully embracing every new moment and challenge that life has to offer.

When asked to describe the group, singer Billy Joe sums it up nicely, "Epoch Failure is the voice of everyone who has fallen or stumbled, but still had the heart to stand up again and climb back into the ring.

It's about accepting our failures and turning a negative into a positive.

You fight through the struggles and come out the other side better, wiser, and stronger as a result.

And then, of course, always raise a glass or two to celebrate.

For more information on Epoch Failure and all press inquiries, please contact John A. Sepetys at North Star Media: John A. Sepetys Sr. Director, Artists & Repertoire 248.593.1442 Direct Phone http://www.northstarmedia.com [0]


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