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EOS Cafe DAC is a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) that is owned by and guided by owners of BEANS. Their goal is to harness the power of EOS.IO ​to provide education, infrastructure and decentralized applications to enrich the global EOS ecosystem. [1]

What are BEANS ​?

BEANS are the utility tokens of the EOS Cafe ​ DAC. They are used for both governance and for utilizing DAC resources. BEANS denote weighted democracy for decisions made by the DAC, and they can be staked or transferred for goods and services provided by the DAC.

BEANS currently exists as a BitShares token, but when the EOS mainnet goes live, a new BEANS token will be created on the EOS Blockchain. In the coming days a smart contract will be created to convert any existing BitShares BEANS into EOS BEANS. No one will lose their BEANS as long as they can prove they control a BitShares account with a Beans Balance. [5]

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