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Enis Cinar

Enis Cinar

Enis Cinar (born November 28, 1997) is a influencer, entrepreneur and artist. He is the founder of Escomine, an online luxury marketplace for jewelry. He is regarded as one of the fastest-growing German influencers. He rose to fame with his debut remix of Chris Brown’s and Pia Mia’s song.[1]

Enis is widely known for posting content related to lifestyle, fashion, and travel.

He has won Beat100 awards three times in a row in 2015 for his music.

Enis has been featured in several media outlets including Medium, KTVN, Marketwatch, The Cowboy Channel, Digital Journal and others.[2]

Early life and education

Enis was born November 28, 1997 in Hamburg, Germany.

From DJ to trump jumper, he has tried a lot of things to practice his hobby as a profession.

Enis became national champion in splashdiving in 2015 and started making music as a DJ on the side.

With only one remix of Chris Brown and Pia Mia, Enis received about 9.7 million clicks on Soundcloud within a month and was also nominated. Stars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, King Bach, and more than 45 others from different industries follow him on Twitter. But that's not all, he was looking for more change.[3]

In an interview, Enis shared that it was a long way to know what he likes most and also enjoys.[4]


Enis began his career as a DJ, he started working for Dream Jumper.

After acquiring substantial experience, Enis, in 2015 released his first remix to a song by Chris Brown and Pia Mia.

This remix turned out to be a great success and received over 9.7 million clicks on Soundcloud within a month.

Having captured the attention of numerous major industry giants such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, King Bach, Enis rose to fame amongst the masses.

In 2019, he started his entrepreneurial journey by establishing Escomine, an online marketplace for luxury goods, especially jewelry.

He plans to open physical stores in Hamburg and Los Angeles soon.

In 2020, Enis released two tantalizing YouTube videos incorporating snippets from his trip to Turkey. These videos have gained him popularity on social media platforms, and hence he commenced his career as an influencer. By leveraging the social media platforms, Enis aims at sharing entertaining content and V-Logs, mostly on Instagram.


2015 Beat100 No. 31 Charting Video & Silver Song A&R Award, Gold Video A&R Award & Gold Favorite A&R Award for "Relive Ultra Europe

2014" Video & Song 2015 Beat100 No. 55 Charting Video & Silver Video A&R Award, Silver Song A&R Award for "Revive" Cover Video

2015 Beat100 No. 149 Charting Video & Beats Mix Bronze A&R Award for "Dance Mashup" Video


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