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Emre Ucar (born September 12, 1999) better known as Emreezy is a social media influencer who got significantly popular from a very young age.[1] Emreezy's parents belong to the country Turkey city Corum. They moved to Germany where Emre Ucar's family lives at present. Emreezy began his career as a social media creator at a very young age.


Emreezy wanted to be a social media star since he was very young. He utilized his free time exercising fitness, playing video games, and posting various new content on his social media accounts. During 2013-16, he was a social media creator having a big community on Facebook.[2] He also had an excellent E-Sport career during this time winning several prizes. In 2016, Emreezy stopped playing video games became more focused on his career in the social media industry.

Stage Name

While watching YouTube videos Emre Ucar found a name that sounds 'Emreezy'. He found the name very attractive and immediately fall in love with this name. The youngster discovered that the name would be a perfect stage name for his future career because his real name is Emre.[3]

Social Media Presence

Emreezy worked very hard on building social media presence across several social media platforms and was successful in creating a large community on Facebook.[4] He also used other big mediums such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Emreezy likes to working out at the gym and posting his fitness workouts on Instagram made him quite popular on the platform.


Emreezy was developing a career at a very young age. His initial success began through social media networks.[5] At an age when kids are busy playing games for fun, Emreezy focused on having a career as an E-Sport gamer and won several tournaments. He was focused on growing as an individual personality and being famous for what he was doing. His determination helped him to overcome challenges and now he has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.


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