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Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a Giorgio Armani brand.

This specific branch is targeted toward younger buyers, offering less expensive and more mass produced items.

Emporio Armani is a more youthful inspired Armani Line that markets for younger adults.

The line is the third-least expensive Armani Brand and can be bought at its 13 American boutiques and over 140 worldwide boutiques, making it the largest distributed Armani brand.

Products encompassed by this brand include ready-to-wear clothes, sunglasses, perfume, accessories and watches.

The line is considered a "bridge line" as it features higher-end products than Armani Exchange or Armani Jeans but is not as expensive as the exclusive Armani Collezioni or Giorgio Armani ('black label') lines.

Emporio Armani is sold in freestanding Emporio Armani boutiques, in high-end department stores, and through their online store.



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