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Emmanuelle Saliba

Emmanuelle Saliba

Emmanuelle Saliba is a Senior Editor of the social newsgathering team at NBC News. [1]She is also famous for co-founding Ignite the Sound. [1]

Professional Life


Saliba started her professional career working at *Billboard *. Starting in May 2011, she covered the business side of the entertainment industry. [1]She emphasized on EDM and Brazilian music during the later part of her stint there. [4]

Personal Life

Saliba grew up with an English and French background.

She went to Lycée Français de New York, a K-12 school in Manhattan. [1]

She studied abroad in 2010 at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, a university in Florianópolis, Brazil, where she learned to speak Portuguese. [1]

Saliba now speaks four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. [1]


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