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Emma Saunders

Emma Saunders

Emma Saunders is a journalist based in London, United Kingdom. She is a sport broadcast journalist at BBC 5 Live Sport. [1]


Saunders attended The Hemel Hempstead School from 2003-2010. She went on to attend the University of Southampton from 2003-2010, receiving a Bachelor of Science in geography.

At University of Southampton, she was President of University of Southampton Tennis Club Faculty of Geography netball.

In 2014, Saunders received a post graduate diploma in broadcast journalism from University of the Arts, London.


In February 2011, she joined WinkBall as a reporter. She then joined BBC in July 2012, as a trainee sports reporter. Later, she became a sport broadcast journalist at BBC London Sport. Currently, Emma is a journalist at BBC 5 Live Sport.[2]


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