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Emma Pichl

Emma Pichl

Emma Pichl is a woman from Fairfield, Connecticut.


Life and Education

Emma Pichl is Lesbian.

[2]She graduated from Notre Dame University. [7] [4]She studied Media and Communications.



Emma Pichl is a senior recruiter for a recruiting company.



Emma Pichl reported being kicked out of an Uber after kissing her Girlfriend.

[2]The two had just been at Pig Beach in Gowanus, Brooklyn.


Emma said that “he started yelling at us that we were disrespectful and inappropriate and that he wants us out of his car … we were going back and forth trying to understand.”


A 62-second video posted to YouTube by Alex Iovine titled “Uber driver kicks 2 girls out of his car for being gay”.


The driver's name was Ahmed Elbotari.



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