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Emily Skye is an Australian Fitness model ​ and Instagram ​ personality who's an advocate for Mental health ​ and fitness for women in Australia ​. [1] [2] ​ She is a winner of the WNBF Miss USA Figure & fit body NSW in 2011. [3]

Close up photo of Emily Skye.


Born and raised in Australia ​, she has lived in Queensland for most of her life. Her father abandoned her and her mother when she was the age of 2 years old. [4]


At the age of 15 years old, Skye began to model for many different brands and popular magazines. [5] ​ By the time she was 18, she was well a part of the industry and began to feel overwhelmed. She developed anxieties and depression while working as a model. At one point she tried to kill herself. [6]

Emily Skye at an event where she was given an award.

Fitness Model

When she was around the age of 25 years old, she picked up a copy of Oxygen Magazine and realized that she had been doing her exercises wrong. With the help of her boyfriend, she began to see changes in her exercise routines and lifestyle. [7] [8] [9] [10]

Social Media Fitness Guru

After transitioning and becoming a fitness model in her own respective way, she slowly gained hundreds of thousands of viewers. She currently has more than 2.3 Million followers. [11]

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