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Emil Sebastian Cerda Demorizi (6 February 2001, Ensanche La Fé, Dominican Republic) is a Dominican scholar writer, philanthropist, multifaceted, prose writer, creator of phrase and proverb, novelist, creator of scientific theories, self-taught linguist, orator, storyteller, marquist, , comedian, prose writer, blogger, poet, short story writer, screenwriter, master of ceremonies, rapper, singer and paremiologist. Is the creator of the Farsante Literature; he created his own style of writing, called Brand (Marca). Also, founded the metric called: Marcaésica Speed. He became known because he has twenty talents since he was twelve years old.

Has Emil Cerda as a pseudonym (writer) and stage name Emil Emil (as a singer and rapper).

It is considered as the Promise of Dominican Literature of the 21st Century. And for being the only writer to break three times in a row his own world record in applying more rhetorical figures in a literary work.


His poems have been of bad criticism, to such point of being almost always rejected, by television programs, radios, mass media, etc. The central themes of his writings are mostly attacking corruption, but in a metaphorical way. Is the younger brother of three brothers. His older brother on behalf of mother is called Franger Elí Moris Demorizi (who raised and cared for him during his birth until adolescent); and Rhadys Noé Cerda Demorizi (who is really his older brother, but being raised with Franger and Emil, he became the middle brother). They all had an extremely good childhood, in an alley.

Emil was born in a dead end street, in the house #126, in the famous "Patio of Tita". His childhood friends are: Gabriel Cruz, Ariel Cruz (Gabriel's brother), Wilber González and Richard Almengó Medina. Lived in the Ensanche La Fé until the end of his four years.

Life and career

Emil starts writing in 2013, that is, since he was twelve years old. He started writing Beyond the spiritual VOL. 1 (Más allá de lo espiritual VOL.1), but he didn't intend to do it as a saga of a book, but rather, in an anime and manga.

Emil longed to be since childhood, a Doctor Plastic Surgeon (which discarded because he later thought that he wouldn't have time for his family). Later, he opted for a Systems Engineer, but he also rejected it, because he isn't good at mathematics (Emil, in fact, he graduated from high school at the age of sixteen, at the Institute Polytechnic Graduate Víctor Estrella Liz [La Perito]; with an academic index of 92, with his classmate: Yeremy Mezón, he graduated as a Computer Technician), and then he chose Clinical Psychology, since at his early age he had had too many experiences with women, and he helped them.

One of the best phrases of Emil Cerda, are these:

"It isn't a day of crying, because I will have nothing to do; but a day of reflection like many, on decisions that I will take."

"Those people who make others laugh, or that they laugh a lot... they scare you."

"I don't need to be of legal age to admit my mistake. I know I'm a person shit, I need to go to hell. I regret everything I did, and I understood that change isn't crying; and I understood that the more I grow, the more I just stay alone. Hell, I'm crying in the mirror; if I had known that I have always been a horror, perhaps I would understand why everyone looked at me with 'splendor'. I'm not me, I'm tired of being the same, I just change being brave with my own cause. I don't know what to do, youth doesn't work; everything goes, everything stays, adolescence will always be eternal. So many shits that i made, what a disgrace! So many women i smoked, what arrogance! But when everyone left, what a fallacy! Because i cried, I opened the Bible, and God told me: What is the use of capital letters if your biggest problem is leave me last?"

Throughout his career he has been praised by many writers from other countries, in fact, he has collaborated with some. One of the best reciters of Spain: Tomás Galindo and Don Garfialo, have recited many poems by Emil.

When he created the Marcaésica Speed realized his potential as a writer. Emil is culterano-baroque and is a bit of understood in his writings, putting terms very difficult to understand.

It is, according to the mass media, one of the best contemporary surrealist poets today.

List of works

Cuentos y Relatos fofos:

  • Relicta. (2017)
  • Me enamoré de dos gemelas. (2017)
  • La esposa infiel. (2016)
  • La historia de una sonrisa de lágrimas. (2016)

10 cuentitos marcosos:

  1. Petra. (2018)
  2. SERK. (2018)
  3. LA SONRISA. (2018)
  4. BGSKLO. (2018)
  7. WINNY. (2018)
  8. ¿TE ROBO EL BESO? (2018)
  9. ¿Cómo ser creativo en la sociedad? (2018)
  10. El 20 por ciento de mi paso (2018)

More Shorts story

  • Lujuria. (2017)
  • Letras Zainas. (2017)
  • Juventud con sonrisas inexactas y corazones amargos. (2016)
  • Poesías de unos lentes náufragos. (2016)
  • Poemas y marcas Cerdanos. (2018)
  • Aforismos de Emil Cerda. (2018).
  • Frases y proverbios de Emil Cerda. (2018).


  • Ibídem (2017).
  • Faber Estribillo, a DIOS (2017).
  • La Buscona (2018).
  • Deilia (2018).


  • Más allá de lo espiritual VOL. 1. (2013)
  • Más allá de lo espiritual VOL. 2. (2015)


  • Lo que piensas, es lo que crees. (2017)


  • Pallaco. (2017)


  • Acronoslogía Hermética (2018).
  • Iktsuarpok (2018).


  • Improvisación del tiempo. (2017) [16]


  • ¿Esto es la Vida o la Muerte? With Marco Fajardo, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana (2017)
  • Banco de nieblas. With Valeria Camacho (Valerie), Barranquilla, Colombia (2017) [+18]
  • Éxtasis Agravado. With Ignus Rocha (Gotoh), Santiago, Chile (2017) [+18]


  • Young Featured. January 31, 2019. Prize awarded by Mayor David Collado and Regidor Francis Hernández. To be recognized abroad and contribute to Dominican literature.
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