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Emiko Jozuka

Emiko Jozuka

Emiko Jozuka is a Japanese journalist based in Hong Kong, China. She is a digital producer at CNN International, covering everything from international politics and human rights to culture and technology. [1]


Jozuka graduated from the University of Cambridge where she studied modern and medieval languages. She went on to attend University of Oxford, studying material and museum anthropology. [1]


Before CNN, she covered business, culture, technology and science at WIRED UK then Vice Motherboard where she produced video, wrote articles, and launched one column on Japan and another on the intersections of technology and international development. [1]

She has also lived in Istanbul, Turkey, where she worked for the Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review contributing articles and video. In 2011, she freelanced from the predominantly Kurdish region of southeast Turkey, covering the Kurdish issue as well as other cultural, human rights, migration and environmental topics. [1]

Jozuka also wrote on the repercussions of the conflict in Syria from along the Turkish-Syrian border. Outside of journalism, she worked as a script developer and production staff in the indie Kurdish film scene. [1]


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