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Emeka C. Anen

Emeka C. Anen

Emeka C. Anen is the founder and CEO of THRONE. (formerly Instasneaks), a startup that builds tools for the streetwear and creative community. [0]


Before working at THRONE., Emeka C. Anen was a management consultant for Huron Consulting Group. Focusing on healthcare finance, Anen combined both his undergraduate concentrations and worked with some of the top medical facilities and healthcare systems in the United States. [0]

After working as a consultant for 3 years, Anen left his job to become an entrepreneur and use technology to help shift the community’s mindset and mode of thought.



After leaving his consultancy job and several scholarship opportunities at top 10 MBA programs, Emeka C. Anen founded THRONE. [2] [3]


is a technology-based, cultural lab encouraging the buying, selling, and discovery of sneakers and streetwear.

Their aim to centralize the sneaker and streetwear ecosystem by creating a range of mobile-first tools surrounding their products.

Users can enter a community of more than 500,000 tastemakers and sneakerheads who share the discoveries of fashion trends.


Emeka C. Anen is currently the CEO of THRONE.



Emeka C. Anen is an alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned two Bachelor's degrees while we're there: one in Business Administration and one in Public Health.

For his Public Health Degree, Anen spent a significant amount of time studying in Asia.

He was part of a summer abroad fellowship program at the National University of Singapore, Mahidol University International College in Thailand; he also took an excursion tour in Malaysia. Through the Alston M. Gardner Scholarship at the UNC-Chapel Hill., Anen focused on comparative studies of HIV/AIDS health policies between countries of Southeastern Asia. [0]

Personal Life/Trivia

Emeka C. Anen making a deal with one of the market vendors in Shanghai.

Emeka C. Anen making a deal with one of the market vendors in Shanghai.

Emeka C. Anen's most inspirational song is “Workin'” by Puff Daddy & The Family. [10]

In 2015, Emeka Anen was recognized as a “Rising Star” by TechStars, [12]and as a “Next Tech Star” and “Modern Man” by Black Enterprise.

[2] [11]

Anen also spent time in China.

He was 21 years old, a fresh college graduate, and did not know how to speak Mandarin at all. [4]


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