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Ember Sword

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a cross-platform player-centric Free-to-Play fantasy MMORPG.[5]

Create a character, pick a home region, and venture into the mysterious world to prove your worth in action-packed classless combat.

Defeat monsters, bosses, and other players, or explore the world as a peaceful forager of goods and rares making a name for yourself as a talented refiner and craftsman of weapons and armor.

From combat to mining, fishing, woodcutting, and more, everything you do increases your skills’ level, which unlocks new advancements, increased efficiency, or new abilities to cast.

But what you do and when is entirely up to you!

Explore Ember Sword

A Love-letter to MMORPGs

Ember Sword is made out of a pure passion for the MMORPG genre.

As gamers, we found ourselves chasing the hallmarks of our past for a fleeting sense of nostalgia, only to be let down as we discovered the same reinvented wheel.

With Ember Sword, we’re setting the wheel ablaze and from its ashes will rise an experience that could start a new era in gaming history.

We create meaningful and rewarding end-game content, we put the community in control of large parts of the game world, we secure secondary trading of cosmetic items, and we actively fight against Pay-to-Win.

All done to create the ultimate sandbox-inspired open-world MMORPG

Rewarding End-Game Content

The rarest items in Ember Sword are cosmetics that you acquire through participating in end-game PvE and PvP objectives.

New cosmetics are introduced monthly, and they all have a provably scarce supply and an item history detailing the epic feats they have partaken in, making each cosmetic truly unique.

Cosmetics can be worn much to the admiration of other players, sold in-game for Pixel, or traded outside the game on secure marketplaces, making participation in end-game content a truly rewarding gameplay experience

Endless Activities

In Ember Sword, you can do exactly what you want, whenever you want.

Instead of being locked to a specific class, weapon, or crafting profession, you are in complete control of your own journey.

You can pick up metal refinement today and start your training to become the fiercest melee warrior tomorrow.

It’s all up to you.

From woodcutting and fishing to smithing, combat, and harvesting, each of your many skills increases in level the more it is trained, unlocking new advancements such as increased efficiency, new items to craft and equip, new abilities to cast, or resources to harvest.

So go explore, and find your place on Thanabus.

A World Ruled by You!

Kingship territory in all 4 regions of Ember Sword is controlled by a community of 1344 landowners.

These landowners decide which buildings, creatures, resources, and NPCs to spawn on their own parcel of land, and all of it is accessible to every Ember Sword player.

This creates an exciting and ever-changing world full of adventures for everyone.

The bravest players will also fight over the control of Camps found in the dangerous free-for-all PvP Outlaw territories.

Control and protect the camp, and you will be rewarded with a rare cosmetic.

While the camp is under your control, you decide which NPCs to spawn in the camp, which can be accessed by yourself, your friends, your guild, or everyone who dares to stop by.

Fair & Competitive

Ember Sword is a Free to Play MMORPG the way Free to Play games should be made – with no Pay-to-Win!

Yes, we had to turn the traditional MMO monetization model completely upside down.

We don’t sell loot boxes, we don’t account-bind your cosmetics, and there’s no VIP system and Pay-to-Win.

This makes the game entirely competitive and skill-based, which the most skilled player will always win.

Play Anytime, Anywhere!

Ember Sword can be played in an instant directly in your browser, without the need for large downloads and time-consuming patches, or through our Desktop client.

No matter where you play, you’ll get the exact same experience.

In the future, Ember Sword will also be accessible cross-platform on mobile device.

Your Ember Sword character is persistent across different server regions as well, which means you can play with your friends anywhere in the world.

No matter if you login from Europe, the United States, or Asia, you’ll continue with your same character in the same large universe.

The Lore

Once an advanced, colonized moon of the interplanetary government of Pangaea, all was changed for Thanabus when a godlike entity called Starzhen triggered an apocalyptic event dubbed the “Catastrophe”.

In the wake of the devastation, the survivors rallied around the young pupil of the late Governor and created a provisional government called the Republic.

Hundreds of years later, its rule perseveres, yet new forces have risen and challenge its rule over the northern hemisphere.

Around every corner, unseen machinations are afoot and there are more questions than ever before.

Will you unravel the great mystery?

The World

Thanabus is a world of unknown origin, unlike anything found around the seven planets that orbit the Sun. Tidally locked and in an everlasting binary orbit with Ganymede, this strange moon of Jupiter bares a rich ecosystem, filled with vibrant locations and an exotic bestiary, foreign to our understanding.

Devastated hundreds of years ago by an apocalyptic event, the world has since been quartered into four glorious regions, ripe for heroes to lay claim to.

The path to adventure winds everywhere, from the lowest dungeon to the highest peak.

Where will you step in?


  • Rewarding End-Game Content

  • Endless Activities

  • A World Ruled By You!

  • Play Anytime, Anywhere!


Ember Sword founded in 2018 by Bright Star Studio


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