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Emanuella Grinberg

Emanuella Grinberg

Emanuella Grinberg is an American journalist based in Atlanta, Georgia.

She covers crime and justice, gender issues, and race for CNN Digital's news desk.

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Grinberg graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart (New York) in the class of 1999.

She went on to attend University of King's College with a Bachelor's degree in journalism.

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Emanuella started her CNN career as a general assignment reporter for CNN.com, covering crime and justice and immigration.

She was part of the team that launched the network's first breaking news blog.

As a features writer/producer she expanded CNN Digital's coverage of race, gender and identity and was part of the network's first trending news team.

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She returned to breaking news in 2016 with a multidisciplinary focus on race and gender and the criminal justice system.

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Prior to CNN she was a reporter for Court TV's news website, where she covered high-profile trials.

She was part of the team that launched successful franchises including Facing Death, a multimedia series of interviews with death row inmates in their last days, and Last Words, a growing collection of final statements.

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