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Emad Abdel Rahim Dahiyat

Emad Abdel Rahim Dahiyat

Emad Abdel Rahim Dahiyat holds a B.A. in Law from the University of Jordan, LLM in e-commerce law from the University of Aberdeen / UK, and a PhD in computer law from the University of Aberdeen / UK. His research interest includes Commercial law, Securities Law, Companies law, Consumer Protection Law, Artificial intelligence and IT law. Before joining UAEU, Dr. Dahiyat was the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Al albayt University in Jordan. He has also published Articles in many well-known journals such as Artificial Intelligence and Law (Springer), Computer Law and Security Report (Oxford-Elsevier), and International Journal of Law and Information Technology (Oxford University Press). He joined the United Arab Emirates University law faculty as an Associate professor of Commercial law in 2014. He has been promoted to the rank of full Professor in the Academic year 2019-2020. He is currently the chairman of the Private Law Department.


BA, LLB in Law, University of Jordan,

MA, Master in Commercial Law in COMMERCIAL LAW, University of Aberdeen,


Commercial Law (Computer Law) in COMMERCIAL LAW, University of Aberdeen, 2007


PhD in Law in COMMERCIAL LAW, University of Aberdeen, 2007

Research Areas


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