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Ellis Hawkins

Ellis Hawkins

Ellis on the court going in for a layup

Ellis on the court going in for a layup

Ellis Hawkins was a 16-year-old from South Carolina. [2]

Life and Activities

A tweet about Hawkins' leadership

A tweet about Hawkins' leadership

Hawkins was a junior at Westwood High School in Blythewood where he was involved in extracurricular activities. [3]An athlete, Hawkins was a member of his school's football and basketball teams where he was on the varsity squad in each sport. [3]The rising senior was considered by his peers to be an important leader and would help his younger teammates in activities such as weightlifting. [5]Hawkins is remembered for his big smile and for being a dedicated person who was always there for his friends.


During the afternoon of March 30th, Hawkins was a passenger in a 2005 Saturn that was heading southbound on Wilson Boulevard when the driver lost control and went into the opposite lane.

Their vehicle was struck by a 2010 Cadillac.

Hawkins died from his injuries sustained from the crash.



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