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Elliott Ravert

Elliott Ravert

Elliott Ravert is an 18 year old from Pennsylvania who made headlines after he broke out his girlfriend from a mental asylum.

Asylum Breakout

On Tuesday, 9 August 2016, Elliot broke out his girlfriend Alicia Buzzard from Philhaven, a mental and behavioral health care facility.

The hospital is located about 30 miles east of the state capital of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Shay's mother stated that 'Alicia has the mind of a 12-year-old,' Shay said."'she can be psychotic.

she goes manic.

I think she’s probably a little scared.

She doesn’t like guns.

She never wanted to shoot guns."


Ravert drives a green 2004 Chevy Avalanche, and his Pennsylvania license plate reads ZGY-3594.

However, police said late Wednesday he may have changed plates.

On 10 August 2016, authorities said they did not know where Ravert might be headed.

Ravert is 5-foot-11, 150 pounds with brown hair.

He was armed during the asylum breakout, and if spotted, the police should be notified at 911.



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