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Elliott Gunton

Elliott Gunton

In April 2018 Elliott Gunton, a teenager from Norwich, was caught by the police on the charges of hacking and his PC was siezed by the authorities.

He was convicted at Norwich Crown Court where he admitted five charges which included illegal data exchanges, computer exploitation and money laundering offences. [1]

Officers also found evidence of Gunton advertising compromised data and hacking theft services in exchange for $3,000 (£2,500) in Bitcoin, despite him taking complex measures to delete his activity.

Police found fragments of online conversations he had where he discussed criminal activity and seized £275,000 worth of Bitcoin which was still under his control.


Gunton was subjected to a three and a half year community order which kept him from using internet and software and he was made to pay a sum of £407,359 by the court order.

After his computer was seized during checks by police in April 2018 he admitted hacking the telecommunications firm TalkTalk Group.[2]


On the charges of stealing sensitive information of people and selling it in exchange of pounds in cryptocurrency, the Norwich Crown Court sentenced him to 20 months imprisonment. [2]


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