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Ellie Clougherty

Ellie Clougherty

Ellie Clougherty is Cofounder of Kamaria Jewelry, a brand she launched with her cousin. Clougherty also models for Ford Models.


Clougherty is a graduate of Stanford University.

Lawsuit Against Joe Lonsdale

On January 27, 2015, Clougherty filed a lawsuit against Palantir Technologies Cofounder Joe Lonsdale accusing him of rape and sexual and emotional abuse. Lonsdale denied the claims and filed a counter suit against Clougherty. Stanford University banned Lonsdale from campus as a result of the allegation.

Clougherty dropped all of her legal claims against Lonsdale in a court filing November 2, 2015.

Lonsdale also dropped his counterclaims.

Stanford University investigators, citing evidence uncovered during discovery, said Lonsdale did not violate Stanford's sexual harassment policies and there was no basis to support a ban from Stanford's campus.


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