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Ella Newton

Ella Newton

Ella Newton (born in Sydney, Australia) is an Australian actress and director, known for her starring role on the TV series Harrow. She studied theater at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and at The Australian Film & Television Academy (NAFTA) in Melbourne, Australia. [1][2]


Ella began her drama classes when she was 9 years old, she also attended classes at the National Institute of Dramatic Art and completed the full-time 22-week program at TAFTA (The Australian Film & Television Academy) in Melbourne, Australia. The actress made her television debut in "Newton's Law" and her professional debut in the production of "Rules for Living" at the Red Stitch Actors Theater in Melbourne, Australia, while she continues to participate in workshops and courses at the TAFTA. She also participated in SeaChange, Neighbors and Playing for Keeps.[3][4]

In 2020 she produced and starred in the series "Kit & Em" for the TikTok platform alongside Olive Weeks.


TV SerieRoleYear
Newton's LawLydia Newton-Docker7 episodes, 2017
Lavender (Short, Drama)Poppy2018


Stella Connors6 episodes, 2019


Delaney Renshaw14 episodes, 2018-2019

Playing for Keeps

Ella Rickards1 episode, 2018


Fern Harow24 epidodes, 2018-2021
Kit & EmEm2020


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