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Elizabeth Heng

Elizabeth Heng

Elizabeth Heng is the GOP candidate for California's 16th Congressional Cistrict in from Fresno, California. [3]


Heng graduated from Stanford University in the Class of 2007, where she majored in American Politics and Economics.

At Stanford, she was elected Student Body President.

She holds an MBA from Yale School of Management, graduating in the Class of 2017.


Personal Life

Elizabeth's parents own a Grocery store in southeast Fresno, California.

She worked there after school, helping out her parents' business.



Heng is a Republican. She worked for the U.S.

House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee.

She was an assistant for Representative Ed Royce from Fullerton, California.

Elizabeth was promoted to the deputy campaign manager.


Heng became the chief of protocol for the House Foreign Affairs Committee, overseeing heads of state on the chairman's diplomacy mission trips and when they visited Capitol Hill.


2018 Platform

Elizabeth Heng is running on several key platforms, some of which are quite unique while others are more generally in line with the Republican Party's primary concerns such as Deregulation and lower tax rates.

She has raised over $300,000 in donations, though her opponent Jim Costa has raised over $1,000,000.


End Human Trafficking

Elizabeth Heng sees the Human trafficking crisis as one which can be mitigated in part by construction of a Border wall between the United States and Mexico .


Blockchain Governance

Elizabeth Heng believes in integrating Blockchain into governance to create more Transparency and Accountability.

Financial expenditures could be tracked publicly to prevent the misuse of public funds.


Water Infrastructure

Elizabeth wants to improve access to water, with government deregulation and accessing water resources through public works.

Her district is heavily reliant on Agriculture.



Elizabeth opposes a Single-payer healthcare system where the government has a Monopoly.

She favors patient choice, allowing people to choose their health professionals.



Elizabeth Heng supports setting up infrastructure for Renewable energy along with non-renewable energy sources such as Natural gas.

She favors reducing waste and minimizing taxes on energy.


Freedom of Speech

Heng wants campuses to be areas protected by Freedom of speech

Heng's campaign ad was censored by Facebook for including images of the Cambodian genocide.

[3] Heng saw the censorship as hypocritical, since her parents had lived through the horrors of the Cambodian genocide under Pol Pot.

Her parents met near the Killing Fields.

They narrowly escaped death themselves, as 1 million Cambodians were killed within 4 years, roughly 25% of the population.

Her ad contained vivid depictions of famine and genocide.

Facebook allowed the ad to be published after 5 days of review.

Elizabeth views this as problematic, since it could hugely influence elections, especially had it happened near an election date.


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