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Elizabeth Galbut

Elizabeth Galbut

Elizabeth Galbut Perelman is a venture capitalist based in New York City. [5]She is a Managing Partner at SoGal Ventures a female-led millennial venture capital firm. [4]Galbut was selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2018 for the Venture Capital category. [2]


Elizabeth was born two months pre-mature and spent her childhood in and out of hospitals.

Both of her parents were physicians.

[4]When Galbut was three, her mom was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and later founded a non-profit. [4]Elizabeth would volunteer for it in her youth in order to support hundreds of disabled individuals and their families. [6]

Ga;but attended graduate school at Johns Hopkins University and Maryland Institute College of Art for this brand-new program that's an MBA/MA in Design. [4]Her focus was innovative products in the healthcare space and would go on to found an entrepreneurship club at Johns Hopkins. [5]

During Grad School, Elizabeth's father was diagnosed with cancer and found out that errors were made reading previous biopsies.

[5]At the same time, the co-leader in the entrepreneurship club that she started was working on a startup called Proscia which developed digital pathology tools in the cloud.

[4]Because of this, the startup became a personal passion of Elizabeth's and she joined their team.


Due to being in Baltimore, the company was limited in investing leads and the digital health investment ecosystem overall was minuscule at the time.

[4]This led Elizabeth to start her own student led fund in grad school, A-Level Capital where she raised money from a couple dozen JHU alumni as limited partners.

The CEO of Proscia was David West was an undergraduate at the time.

[4]A-Level Capital was Proscia's first outside investor 5 months before their seed round.

The week West graduated, he secured a $1 million seed round investment and raised $3 million overall.


One of A-Level Capital’s investors and advisors is Dave McClure from 500 Startups, which led Elizabeth to Stanford’s VC executive education program.

[5]It was at the program where Elizabeth met her future partner at SoGal Ventures, Pocket Sun. [4]They founded the firm in July 2015 as a female-led millennial venture capital firm, with an investment focus on exceptional, diverse founding teams that tackle major consumer or healthcare problems in the U.S. and Asia. [5]

Personal Life

Elizabeth resides in New York City with her husband, Eric Pearlman.



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