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Eliza Neals and the Narcotics!

Eliza Neals and the Narcotics!

"ELIZA NEALS and the Narcotics" Powerful Voice Curves and Killer band will Hold You Hostage!

Eliza Neals is a dynamic front woman, multi-talented musician plus the voice of the 'new blues' for a younger generation.

“Eliza Neals and the Narcotics!” are in the ‘Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists/Bands of 2014’ by Music Connection Magazine.

Eliza Neals is a 2013 Detroit Music Award winner for "Messin with a Fool" which received "Outstanding Blues/R&B Recording (album)" and "Rock Songwriter!" In 2012 Eliza won "Outstanding Blues Songwriter" at the DMAs.

Eliza Neals voted by Real Detroit Weekly readers as the ‘Best Blues artist/group in 2013.’ 2012-15 PRESS: "It’s said that everybody has had the blues, but we’d like to add not everybody can sing about ‘em.

Fortunately for Detroiters, Eliza Neals can sing.

And she can sing well.

The Detroit Music Award-winner has a range that we don’t see a lot of around these parts.

Not your grandpappy’s blues, Neals puts a modern spin on a form that birthed what we listen to today.This

year will be big for the sultry “Detroit Diva.” Real

Detroit 'Best of Detroit 2013' Feb 2013 Four Microphones (Remarkable) "Well-versed in the art of heating up songs that drift sensually between provocative soul and the more urgent examples of blues-infused rock, Neals' style is incendiary and unabashed." Real

Detroit Spring 2012 "Eliza Neals is making a bit of a name in no small part due to her strangely sultry blues voice that's as raw and authentic as it is honest and powerful. She's

handily bridging the idea of a blues chanteuse, the classy, sexy singer, to a genre that seems to be overrun with style-over-substance singers." METROTIMES

Fall 2011 "Eliza Neals’s 'Messin’ with a Fool' is the record that people who have seen Neals live will have been hoping she would release. Neals,

for the uninitiated is the sultry swingin’, croonin’ jazz Queen of the D. She’s like Amy Winehouse without the obvious addiction issues or the hair. The

songs are certainly in place...." METROTIMES Jan 2012 "Motown born and influenced singer, Eliza Neals, talks about her new album, 'Messin With a Fool.' On this album she worked with musical legend, Barrett Strong, who wrote Papa Was a Rolling Stone, Money and I Heard It Through the Grape Vine to name a few. Neals

says the Motown sound is being hijacked by English recording artists, and that she is going to be the Detroiter to continue the unique sound with its soulful rock and blues tradition..." WDET Jan 2012 "Neals has created a well thought out album through some killer yet provocative recording sessions. "Messin

With A Fool" captures Neals sultry blues vocals and writing style under the influence of Gross and Strong perfectly.... Our

favorite track is "Rainin' in Detroit" which showcases Neals in pure Detroit fashion with a dash of 70's New York City for atmosphere. Bravo

Eliza Neals!" RADIO MACKINAC Jan 2012 "Eliza Neals is a class act. Bluesy,

sultry, passionate and sexy are just some words to describe this lovely singer/songwriter. This

album is testament to her beautiful voice and the music she creates..." SUPPORT KICK ASS MUSIC.com 2012 it’s Saturday night let’s hear some music”... “ Eliza Neals’ Blues are not the Blues of nostalgia, no they are definitely the Blues of what’s happening right now. Open,

honest, up-close, is the sound of the project the songs are well-crafted and inventive and the playing and singing is apologetically Saturday Night!” GROWN FOLKS MUSIC.com 2012 “Born to sing the blues, Neals has taken her music from Detroit to New York, drawing rave reviews every stage she played. With

“messing with a fool” she delivers an outstanding performance with her latest effort, drawing from a supersized batch of talented musicians from the city she calls home.” “Our

favorite, ‘Man’s Man,’ has Neal’s again bringing the heat while you can’t help but to move in your seat to the boogie woogie blues of ‘Livin with Yo Mama’…” “If you’re a fan of Amy Winehouse or even Adele, then you will surely be moved by Eliza Neals!” DETROIT ROCK REVIEW.com 2012 “Messin with a fool is Detroit music through and through and Eliza Neals is a vocal powerhouse.” “A

full spectrum of emotion with a decidedly modern, yet sparing production style… producer Tino Gross, who has once again outdone himself.” “What

you get is a wildly successful collection of soulful songs” “I cautiously think of her as the female Delbert McClinton, though such comparisons rarely do an artist in her league justice.” “intertwined

are elements of urban and down home soul, a trace of jazz, even traces of punk rock here and there, an occasional exuberant homage to the Rolling Stones” "There is also New Orleans gris-gris, deconstructed Motown, mid-’60s rock ‘n’ roll (think Mitch Ryder), white Southern gospel, Holly Springs-style Mississippi hill country blues (think R. L. Burnside), one or two nods to modern dance music-style scratchy LP slips and slides, funky jazz, and absurdest avant garde. And

there is the magic potion of Eliza Neals’ voice." “All

I can say is get your hands on the album.” THE

BLOG IS by George Seedorff Go to http://elizaneals/tumblr.com for more PRESS! ABOUT:

An assembly line of blues and rock drives “messin with a fool,” it captures Detroit’s independent spirit with true grit and motor city soul. Eliza

Neals sought out the unique talents of veteran writer/producer Martin ‘Tino’ Gross (Kid Rock, RL Burnside) and united him with Detroit legend Barrett Strong (Marvin Gaye, Temptations) to begin provocative recording sessions. Eliza’s

“strangely sultry blues voice” and cool writing style melted with the two masters forging a solid union. Completing

their first song plus music video in the summer of 2010, proved “Misery” could truly bring happiness! [0]


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