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Elena Shumilova (Russian: Елена Шумилова, born in 1981 near Moscow, Russian Federation ​) - Russian photographer [3] ​ who specializes in children and family imagery.   An architect by education, Elena is a self-taught photographer [6] ​.

Elena Shumilova is known around the world for the photographs of her children and animals, from the farm in rural Russia ​. Initially, Elena’s inspiration were her two sons. Her photos are "known for their blissfully natural quality"  (Daili Mail, UK) [5] ​ . A preview of E.Shumilova's work is available in a several professional online magazines [7] [8] ​.

The photos of E.Shumilova were featured in international publications [4] ​,  including Digital SLR Magazine, Practical Photography Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, SLR Lounge, and My Modern Met. Elena’s pictures and videos have been used by several advertising campaigns. They were included in book covers and selection of postcards in UK, Germany and USA.

E.Shumilova's photos have been seen by more than 60 million viewers worldwide. According the Flickr, her photos have received around 50 million views on Flickr alone [9] .

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