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Elena Genevinne

Elena Genevinne

Elena Genevinne, Most famous for her "13 Year Old Full Body Transformation Boy to Girl" YouTube video, she was first known as johnluuu before reinventing herself as Elena Genevinne. She is known for beauty tutorials such as "How I Dye, Curl, and Cut My Hair" and "Volumized Hair in One Minute." Her first YouTube video, "Tranny in the House," which was posted when she was just thirteen years old, quickly accumulated over 100,000 views. She posted her official transgender coming out video in March 2015. She modeled for the clothing website Sheinside in spring 2015. She grew up in Westminster, California, in a family of partial Vietnamese heritage. She began a relationship with Sam Bullis in July 2014. She also goes by the name Addilyn Fox. She and Matthew Lush both rose to fame as openly gay YouTubers. [1]


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Mar 2, 2016, 8:01 AM