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El último Bastión

El último Bastión

El Último Bastión is a TV series from TV Perú that premièred on December 10, 2018 and is directed by Marco Moscoso and deals with the moments before Peru's independence.[1] The series is divided into 35 episodes and two seasons.

The series features the participation of renowned Peruvian actors such as Sergio Galliani, Laly Goyzueta, Giovanni Arce, Diego Lombardi, Ebelin Ortiz, Fernando Bakovic, Mayella Lloclla, Flor Castillo, Trilce Cavero, among a leading cast of more than 40 others.

This series was the first one to be recorded in 4K film format, besides being a highlight in a 2-year production work carried out by more than 300 people, including actors, technicians and producers.


El Último Bastión is a series that shows the characters that live in the town of La Magdalena during the years prior to the arrival of José de San Martín to the coasts of Peru and how they face the changes that will arise with their arrival until they reach independence.[2]

The story is told through Paco Robles, a young middle-class lawyer who somehow relates to all the characters in the story.[3] He and his girlfriend tell us about the great change that takes place at that time.


The story of El último bastión was written by playwright and screenwriter Eduardo Adrianzé and produced by María Luisa Adrianzén. It is also performed by well-known national actors and actresses.

This series is produced by the National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP) (an entity attached to the Ministry of Culture) and also produced and distributed by TV Peru.[4] The production of the series is part of the celebrations for the Bicentennial of Peruvian Independence.

The series was announced on July 30, 2018, but the name was not yet announced.

The title was finally announced on November 27, 2018.


Adrianzén spoke of the sources used for the creation of history, saying that "all the biography of historians who analyzed that period, such as Carmen McEvoy and Jesús Cosamalón, the gazettes, chronicles, books, printed materials of the time," contributed much.

In an interview, Giovanni Arce said that he stars as Paco Robles, "a young lawyer who is very interested in the arrival of San Martín and the whole process of emancipation from the Spanish yoke, is also a man of the press who denounces the abuses of the time through the gazette El Ciudadano, where he writes under the pseudonym of Juan Liberato," he said.

Moscoso also commented the following: "Pablo Robles knows Antonia who is a liberated mulatto who is a thriving woman who also ends up publishing in the gazette". He also indicated that 40 actors have participated in the production that will be broadcast in two seasons.

"Everything will be reflected on the screen.

The artistic part, the characterization, the scenarios, the setting, the technical deployment.

We were 200 people on the set the day we recorded the central event of independence", he concluded.


The first chapter, in addition to information about the series, will be previewed on December 6, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the National Museum of Anthropology, Archaeology and History of Peru (MNAAHP).

This event brought together the Executive President of the National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP), Hugo Coya; the Vice Minister of Interculturality of the Ministry of Culture, Elena Burga; and the entire cast in charge of the production of this new series.

As a prelude to the event, a small tour of some of the museum's halls was held, and it was also highlighted that this is the most ambitious national audiovisual production, which tells the story of the events leading up to Peru's independence, from the perspective of Peruvians of the time.

In addition, the director of the MNAAHP, Sonia Guillén, emphasized that the series will help promote our national historical identity.

"It will help to break down the idea that only the heroes or the heroes of independence were heroes; and, on the contrary, it highlights the role played by ordinary citizens in the emancipatory gesture," said Burga Cabrera at the presentation of the first chapter.

Hugo Coya pointed out that:

"This audiovisual document tells the story of independence and is based on the vision of the common man, because we wanted to show how life was for Peruvians at that time. To do so, we have made a historical research with the help of advisors and specialists of that time."

The premiere was attended by Cecilia Brozovich, host of Te Veo a la Una, as Master of ceremonies. She then passed to the president of the IRTP, who mentioned the high quality with which El Último Bastión was produced, as it was the first Peruvian series made entirely in 4K. Finally, the vice-minister of Interculturality highlighted the cultural diversity that we will see in the series and its relevance as a promotional resource for the history of Peru.



  • Giovanni Arce as Paco Robles

  • Rodrigo Palacios as Lorenzo Robles

  • Priscila Espinoza as Rosa Maria Robles

  • Mayra Nájar as Antonia Mazombé


  • Sergio Galliani as Francisco Robles

  • Laly Goyzueta as Josefa Robles

  • Diego Lombardi as Adolfo Soto Velázquez

  • Fernando Bakovic as Germán

  • Mayella Lloclla as Catalina

  • Stephie Jacobs as Teresa

  • Maria del Carmen Serves as Constanza

  • Anaí Padilla as Tadea

  • Haysen Percovich Palma as Blas

  • Juan Carlos Pastor Izurieta as Charles

  • Mónica Madueño as Isabel

  • Jackie Vazquez as Micaela

  • Manuel Calderon as Vicente

  • Amiel Cayo

  • Claret Quea as Marcellin

  • Daniel Cano as Miguel

  • Kike Casterot

  • Carlos Reynafarje as Felix

  • Yamile Caparó as Paula

  • Alessa Esparza

  • André Silva

  • Patricia Frayssinet

  • Juan Manuel Ochoa

Special performances

  • Grapa Paola as Emilia

  • Flor Castillo as Justina

  • Evelin Ortiz as María Mazombé

  • Jose Dammert as Valentine

  • Sonia Seminario as Dona Jordana

  • Trilce Cavero as Rosa Merino

  • Paul Vega as José Bernardo de Tagle

  • Claudio Calmet as José Faustino Sánchez Carrión

  • Omar Garcia Serra as Jose de San Martin

  • Connie Chaparro as Rosa Campuzano

  • Alonso Cano Frayssinet as Simon Bolivar

  • Cindy Diaz as Manuelita Saenz

  • Renato Medina-Vasallo as Bernardo de Monteagudo

  • Sylvia Majo as Maria Parado de Bellido

  • Eduardo Ramos as José Olaya

  • Patricio Villavicencio as Nicolás Alcázar


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