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El Naturalista

El Naturalista

El Naturalista is a name that expresses a different way of walking through life, as they are so much more than just your typical footwear brand.

El Naturalista believes in giving back to the community while creating comfortable and attractive footwear that helps you move along the amazing journey of living.

El Naturalista believes that the future is in our hands and on our feet.

They believe that we are all equal in our freedom to be different and that we are all individuals, not a crowd.

Life shouldn't be taken at a walking pace and that the craftsman’s thoroughness is the best guarantee of innovation and quality.That’s

why El Naturalista use their hands to create gorgeous and comfortable shoes and boots. El

Naturalista is committed to promoting, as agents of social change, an innovative and sustainable project consistent with their values.Life inspires

life and that is why El Naturalista develops footwear to walk through life with respect and care.


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