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El Dasa

El Dasa

El Dasa (born Dasahev L贸pez Saavedra on July 27, 1992 ) is a pop singer from Sonora, Mexico.

He once was in Mexico's La Academia 6: 脷ltima Generaci贸n, but was eliminated in the second round.

Saavedra moved to Los Angeles, CA when he was 18, taking odd jobs and singing while he could. He was discovered by Ranchera singer Vincente Fernandez, who auditioned him. Fernandez brought El Dasa on stage at the Gibson Amphitheater to sing a duet of "Amor de los Dios".

His debut album, Pa' La Raza, was issued in October of 2012 and reached the top tier of Mexico's airplay charts.He

also appeared on television and opening acts for many, including Roberto Tapia. "Por Ser Bonta" appeared a year later as a pre-release single, followed by his album, Alegre y Enamorado in August of 2014. The latter which landed him in the top spot on both the Mexican regional charts and Latin albums.


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