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St. Louis City Jail inmate record of Edward Moore (Page 1) [5]

Edward Allen Moore is a convicted felon residing in Maryland Heights, Missouri ​ a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri ​. In August 2018 he was sentenced to 120 years in prison ​ after assaulting four sleeping homeless ​ people with a hammer and handrail while on parole ​. [3] [2] [4] [6]

Criminal History

On Friday, August 10, 2018 Edward Moore was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences ​ of 30 years (120 years in total) for assaulting four sleeping homeless people. He was sentenced by St. Louis Circuit Judge Elizabeth Hogan. In June 2018 a jury had found Moore guilty of​ four counts each of first-degree assault ​ and armed criminal action. [3] [2] [4]

St. Louis City Jail inmate record of Edward Moore (Page 2) [5]

Moore had previously served 26 years in prison for an assault in 1990 in St. Louis County, Missouri ​. He was still on parole on the morning of July 22, 2017, when he ambushed people sleeping in the abandoned Carr School north of downtown St. Louis. Moore suspected they had stolen from him, and took revenge, beating them with a hammer and a stick while they slept, authorities say. Moore beat the homeless people with a ball-peen hammer ​ and a roughly 4-foot-long section of a wooden handrail ​ that had two wall brackets still attached. [2] [3]

According to police and testimony ​, Moore claimed he thought the victims had ransacked his belongings of snacks and water in a room at the abandoned school where homeless people regularly slept. The victims ranged in age from 29 to 39.

[2] [3]

Photo of Carr School where the assaults took place [3]

The two men and one of the women victims testified during the trial; the other could not be found because she has moved from the St. Louis area. They testified that they awoke to screams and a sharp object striking them in the head. One of the men testified that Moore thought one of the women had taken some of his food. [2] [3]

The woman who testified is in her late 30s, lives in a nursing home ​ in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, and has a large skull depression ​ from the attack. She has another surgery scheduled to install a metal plate in her skull. [3]

Assistant Circuit Attorney Peter Bruntrager told jurors at trial that Moore had put a price on the victims’ lives worth “mere dollars.” [3]

Moore also was convicted by a St. Louis County jury in 1991 of first-degree assault and sentenced to 30 years in prison, court records say. He was found guilty of using “a blunt object” in that case, and represented himself at that trial as well. He was paroled from prison on June 5, 2017, a little more than six weeks before the attack at Carr School. [3] [2] [4]

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