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Edward Mackowiak

Edward Mackowiak

Edward Thomas Mackowiak was aSoftware engineer at Apple Inc in Cupertino, California. According to his page on GitHub he was proficient in Ruby on Rails code (he created a project called Meeter Easy Meeting Scheduling App), C++, C#, and Ruby.

Education & Activities

He was from Cazenovia, NY and attended Rochester Institute of Technology. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering in Spring 2013. [13] While at Cazenovia High School, he was active in the school band, various plays, and the Science Olympiad team. He played the trumpet.


On April 27, 2016 Edward was found deceased in a conference room at Apple Inc.'s Campus in Silicon Valley. He committed suicide, dying of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Authorities were initially alerted due to a "man down" call.

After his death, some of his social media pages appear to have been taken down.



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