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Edward Lin

Edward Lin

Edward Lin is a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy and oversees maritime patrol aircraft, including P-8A Poseidon and P-3C Orion spyplanes and the MQ-4C Triton surveillance drone.

He was arrested in September 2015 for allegedly giving military and government secrets to the Chinese.


Lin has been to many countries since 2008, including the United Kingdom, Taiwan, China, Dubai, and Jordan.



He immigrated to the United States from Taiwan at the age of 14 speaking little English and became a naturalized citizen.



On April 10th, 2016 a preliminary "Article 32" hearing was held to address whether or not Lin passed government secrets to the Chinese government.

[2] Lynn is suspected of meeting a Taiwanese national during a personal trip, and possibly exchanging secrets.

He is also being charged with adultery and procuring prostitutes.



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