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Eduardo Vivas

Eduardo Vivas

Eduardo Vivas is the CEO and co-founder of Curated.[1] He is from San Francisco, California.[3]



He has been the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Curated since 2017. He is responsible for building a network where product experts monetize their passion and help consumers make the perfect purchase.

The following is from the Curated website:

We are only as good as our experts.

We work hard to maintain a strong expert community.

We think of a great expert as someone who has expertise (knows their stuff), empathy (takes the time to listen) and enthusiasm (loves what they do).

It’s not about the perfect product.

It’s about perfect for you.

Getting there requires the thoughtful guidance of a real Person with the right expertise who takes the time to learn about your needs and only recommends products they believe in. We’re all about helping people pursue their passions. Ultimately it's not about what you buy... it’s about the experience it enables. We’re building a community of people obsessed with the thing they love.

Angel Investor

His investments include AppLovin, luster Truck, Coinsquare, OpenCare, Healthjoy, Hopebridge, Dollar Shave Club, Board Effect12gigs, Gametime, ApartmentList, TrueBill, Telegram, TopFunnel, Pixelate, penInstall (acquired by AVG), and a few others.


From 2014 to 2017 he spent 3.5 years working for Linkedin leading product and strategy teams for a $3BB Talent Solutions business (recruiter, jobs, and talent media).[2] He was the founder of Bright.com. It was started in 2011 and later acquired by Linkedin. He is also the co-founder of Social Hour, which was acquired by Playphone in February 2012.


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