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Edi Gibson

Edi Gibson

Edrina "Edi" Bliss Gibson is a comedian and actress based out of West Hollywood, California. [1][1]

Early Life

Edi Gibson is originally from Sacramento, California.


Edi Gibson is a stand up comedian who has performed in comedy clubs and bars across California. inside the Tropicana Las Vegas resort on the Las Vegas Strip. She is represented by LA TALENT Advanced Management.

Gibson is also an actress. She is regular on television series Glee acting as a cheerleader on the Cheerios cheer squad.

Gibson and Nick Guerra produce a podcast called TRUE SCARY STORIES WITH EDI!. In the series, Guerra reads scary stories while Gibson provides commentary. Gibson and Guerra also produce GOOD ADVICE With Edi And Nick!, a comedic advice show on YouTube.


Edi Gibson won the Miss Universal City 2011 beauty pageant. She also won Most entertaining for Miss California 2011.


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