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Eddie Borgo

Eddie Borgo

Deeply rooted in the street culture of New York and the ideologies of the punk movement, Eddie Borgo is a new jewelry line that brings a new energy to these established themes.

The result is a mix of high-end and street.

[1] [1]

The pioneering vision of Eddie Borgo began while at University.

His fabulous fascination with symbolism in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings evolved quickly, and he was commissioned to create jewelry for the runway shows of numerous brands.

He formally launched his collection in 2009.

The Eddie Borgo design philosophy is rooted in the timelessness of modern sculpture and shape, mixed magnificently with a healthy obsession to capture that vision in his work.

With each new jewelry collection, the vision continues to evolve, redefining our ideas of modernity in jewelry, sculpture, and object.


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