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Edan Yago is a tech entrepreneur, based out of London. He is the Founder of CementDAO.[2]


Edan started his career in 2004 as the Founder and General Manager of Charisma, one of Israel's leading public speaking and communications consultancies. In 2008-2009 he was the Chief marketing officer at Gorilla, a marketing agency focused on non-traditional media. In 2012-201 he served as a Sr. Product Manager at Zynga. [2]

In 2013 Edan became the Founder of Epiphyte Corporation, developing enterprise software that allows banks and other financial institutions to securely integrate with the Bitcoin and crypto-finance industry. In 2018 he founded CementDAO, a decentralized stablecoin ratings and exchange platform.[2]


Edan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Rhetoric from Tel Aviv University and Master of Business Administration from Tepper School of Business. He also obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology & Neuroscience from Tel Aviv University.[2]

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