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ECOMI is a Singapore registered business that offers a one stop shop for digital collectibles through the VeVe app bringing pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century.

VeVe is a blockchain-based digital collectibles platform, built by ECOMI. In order for you to actually be able to own a digital collectible, and interact with other users, the platform needs and uses a token.

ECOMI is operated and encourage by ORBIS Blockchain Technology Ltd.

ORBIS is a registered company in New Zealand with offices in Auckland, New York, Taipei and Shanghai.[1][18]


The VeVe app allows users to experience true ownership of premium digital collectibles.

Through the app Marketplace, users can obtain common, rare, or one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, share these across the social network service, and exchange them with the VeVe community, all from the palm of their hand.

ECOMI sees digital collectibles as a new asset class that offers intellectual property owners the opportunity for new revenue streams in the digital landscape.

Digital streaming, gaming, and in-app purchasing have become a multibillion-dollar market and the next to join this digital trend is the pop culture and collectibles industry.

ECOMI’s aim is to create the world's best platform to buy, protect and collect premium licensed digital collectibles using Distributed Ledger Technology. ECOMI consists of two elements, the ECOMI Collect ecosystem and the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet.

ECOMI Collect

ECOMI Collect is an application that allows users to buy, sell and trade premium licensed, digital collectibles and other related virtual goods.

Through the ECOMI Collect app, users can browse a multitude of different brands and categories to view and purchase digital collectibles, becoming the official owner.

Users can display their digital collectibles in their personal showroom and create custom scenes with their digital collectibles and props.

Within a social feed user can share their digital collectibles, showrooms and scenes with the ECOMI Collect community, who can comment and show appreciation.

The Augmented Reality feature lets users interact with their digital collectibles in the real-world and even show them on social media. Eventually through ECOMI’s in-app gameplay, collectibles will be able to interact with each other. Within the app, users can connect to a secondary marketplace, where they will be able to buy, sell and trade to other members of the community.

All transactions within ECOMI Collect are carried out utilizing the OMI token, which is used to purchase the digital collectibles and via staking, open access to premium features.[13]

The Metcalfe Effect


As ECOMI Collect is a platform targeting the mass market, Metcalfe's law (which states the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system) will play a role in the growth of the user base.

There are numerous positives associated with a growth of the ECOMI Collect user base, such as:

• Increase in the scarcity of ECOMI digital collectibles (driving value)

• Increased liquidity of the OMI token

• Increase in the number of staked OMI tokens

• Increased activity in the secondary market

• Increased social activity across the ECOMI Collect app

• Increased uptake of new (digital collectible) releases.[16][13]


ECOMI Collect employs Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology in a number of ways to make the ECOMI Collect experience possible.

Blockchain Protocol and Contract Standards

Due to the throughput and congestion issues that currently plague the Ethereum network, ECOMI Collect will be deploying the OMI token and the digital collectible NFT contracts on the GoChain network.

Currently the GoChain network successfully performs 1,300 transactions per second and are on track to perform at 13,000 transactions per second.

This vs Ethereum's 13 transactions per second make it an ideal choice for both short and long term DAPP viability. Additionally, as a fork of the Ethereum protocol, GoChain is 100% compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, which will allow ECOMI to leverage existing GO20 and GO721 token standard implementations. To achieve longterm stability and compatibility, the ECOMI NFT smart contract will be compatible with the ERC721 token standard.

Minting and Generation

When new digital collectibles are created, they are done so by minting a new NFT in our blockchain contract. Each NFT is provided with an associated URI which links that NFT to a set of metadata which includes the collectible name, licensor, brand, series and links to the NFT’s various digital assets (such as clothing, props, etc).

ECOMI will host the publicly accessible JSON API containing the metadata for each NFT’s URI.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

The digital collectibles offered through ECOMI Collect are NFTs.

The NFT standard allows for verifiable digital scarcity with a proven authenticity and an immutable proof of ownership. NFT’s allow for more detailed attributes to be included, such as rich metadata about the asset and these authenticated details allow owners to be confident about the NFT’s authenticity and provenance.

ECOMI Collect will use the GO721 standard.

Digital Exchange Platform and NFT Ownership

After the minting of each NFT, the ownership is sent to an address assigned to ECOMI for security and management on behalf of the owner.

The ECOMI Collect platform operates as a hybrid model whereby ECOMI maintains ownership of all collectibles within the system, as is a common practice among digital exchange platforms.

The ECOMI Collect platform will maintain centralized ownership records as users buy, sell and trade NFTs.

Additionally, all transactions in our system require signing authorization from either the user’s app or their Collect Digital Hardware Wallet. This hybrid approach allows ECOMI to provide users with a streamlined experience within the ECOMI Collect app, while still leveraging the power of Distributed Ledger Technology for ECOMI digital collectibles.

ECOMI Secure Wallet

The Secure Wallet is a wireless, credit card-sized, hardware cold storage device that protects private keys.

The Secure Wallet is designed to be impenetrable to malicious cyber-attacks as it never connects directly to the internet or insecurely via an online device.

The Secure Wallet is securely paired using an encrypted Bluetooth connection to the host device (iOS or Android smartphone).

Removing the need for a wired connection reduces the likelihood of being compromised, whilst allowing for the highest degree of portability.

Employing CC EAL5+ security standards, the Secure Wallet offers an incredibly high level of protection of your private keys, whilst maintaining ultra-portability.

To put this in perspective, EAL5 is what the majority of banks use.

On the Secure Wallet device itself, the user can view balances and feedback information on the e-paper display.

Further interactions with the Secure Wallet are carried out via the ECOMI Secure Wallet App.

Using the Secure Wallet App, users can:[13][11][2][1]

• Maintain full control over the transfer of private keys in and out of the Secure Wallet

• Securely store and manage Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin

• See all cryptocurrency balances

• Send and receive all supported cryptocurrencies

• View transaction history

• Create up to five individual accounts per cryptocurrency

Secure Wallet Components

  1. Hardware Secure Element

  2. E-Paper Display

  3. Bluetooth connector

  4. Power / Confirmation Button

  5. Integrated Circuitry

  6. Rechargeable Battery

  7. Charging connectors

  8. LED Charging Indicator

Secure Wallet Main Features

  • Top-of-the-line security

  • True cold wallet that never connects directly to the internet

  • Full loss recovery and restoration

  • Everyday convenience

  • Physical transaction confirmation

  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash

  • No strings and no fees (other than standard blockchain fees)

  • Long life rechargeable lithium battery

  • Waterproof and a bend capability of 15 degrees

  • Environmentally friendly components

Market Comparisons:

Secure WalletTrezorLedger NanoKeep Key
Price (USD)$99$115$105$129.00
Currency SupportBitcoin,Ethereum,Litecoin,Bitcoin Cashand Ripple.Supportedsoon on the SecureWallet is fullERC20support, GoChain, OMI,BNBBitcoin, Litecoin, Dash,Zcash, Bitcoin Cash,Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum(+ all ERC-20tokens),EthereumClassic,Expanse, UBIQ, NEM,Namecoin, Dogecoinand BitcoinTestnet.Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash,Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum,Ethereum Classic,Litecoin, Dogecoin,Zcash,XRP, Dash,Stratis, Komodo, Ark,Expanse, Ubiq, Vertcoin,Viacoin, Neo,Stealthcoin,Stellar,Hcash, Digibyte, Qtum,PivXBitcoin, Bitcoin cash,Ethereum, Litecoin,Dogecoin, Dash
Open PlatformYesYesNoNo
Mobile AppYesNoYesNo
Bitcoin ATM CompatibleYesNoNoNo

The OMI Tokens

The underlying economy of ECOMI Collect is the OMI Token.

The token is needed for two reasons.

Firstly, the sale and purchase of digital collectibles and secondly, access to extra features and benefits within the app, such as the ’Master Collector Program’.

When a purchase is made using OMI tokens, the tokens involved in the transaction are exchanged for the digital collectible and then expire.

After a successful purchase the invalid OMI tokens are sent to an inaccessible smart contract where they reside permanently.

ECOMI Collect users can acquire OMI Tokens using a credit or debit card, or where applicable, via an in-app purchase. When via in-app purchases, the payment will seamlessly purchase an amount of OMI tokens (determined by the user) and once the OMIs are acquired they are used to purchase the digital collectible. This process happens entirely in the background.

In order to facilitate the purchase and trade of digital collectibles, ECOMI Collect utilises the OMI token.

There will only be 750 Billion OMI tokens minted and these are purchased during the ICO, through the ECOMI Collect app, or on an exchange.

The OMI tokens will be GO20 standard whereas the digital collectibles are GO721 (NFTs).

When a purchase of a collectible is made, the OMI tokens will be exchanged for the NFT.

The NFT will be sent to the users Ecomi Collect app and become rightfully theirs, whilst the OMI tokens used for the purchase are discarded to a locked address.

Purchasing Tokens

As ECOMI Collect is targeted to the mass market, it is of the utmost importance the onboarding and purchasing of OMI tokens remains a task that can be easily carried out by consumers with zero knowledge or understanding of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. To facilitate this, users will acquire OMI tokens using credit or debit cards, or in-app purchases.

When a purchase is made using OMI tokens, the tokens involved in the transaction are exchanged for the digital collectible and then expire.

After a successful purchase the invalid OMI tokens are sent to an inaccessible smart contract where they reside permanently.[17][15][14][11]

Token Metrics

Total Supply750,000,000,000 OMI
Tokens Available for Sale450,000,000,000 OMI
Token Price0.00000001 (1 Satoshi)
ICO (Public and Private Sale)20% | 150,000,000,000 OMI
In App Purchases40% | 300,000,000,000 OMI
Business Development20% | 150,000,000,000 OMI
Team, Advisors, Board Members20% | 150,000,000,000 OMI
Ticker SymbolOMI
Token TypeGO20 / GO721
Hardcap1,500 BTC

ECOMI Master Collector Program

The Master Collector Program allows ECOMI Collect users to gain access to extra features and benefits such as; early access to digital collectible releases, limited edition collectibles, bonus OMI tokens and more.

To become a Master Collector, the user needs to hold (stake) OMI tokens in a special section of their in-app wallet called The Powerchest.

New users will start at ‘level 1’ Master Collector when they register.

A user’s Master Collector level is based on a number of factors and variables including the amount of OMI tokens held in the user’s wallet, purchase and sale history and in-app activity such as community votes and interactions.

The primary actions a user can take to increase their Master Collector level are:

Paid: A user can accelerate their progress through the levels, unlocking further features and benefits by purchasing and staking more OMI tokens.

Unpaid: For users who choose not to accelerate financially, they can earn OMI tokens from in-app activity and then stake these earned tokens.

ECOMI Wallet


Every ECOMI Collect user has an in-app wallet that is generated during the account set up.

The wallet can be accessed from within the ECOMI Collect app and holds the users OMI tokens and the digital collectibles they own.

From within the wallet users can see their OMI balance, staked token balance, purchase more OMI tokens and view their transaction history.

They can also see the associated digital hardware wallet if one has been paired.[11][13][2]

Collect Digital Hardware Wallet

The Collect Digital Hardware Wallet offers ECOMI Collect users an offline way to securely store their OMI tokens and digital collectibles.

ECOMI Collect users can choose to authorize their digital collectibles and OMI token purchases and transfers using the Collect Digital Hardware Wallet, instead of the the in-app wallet.

The Collect Digital Hardware Wallet will be made available internationally through retail outlets at a price point of approximately US$29,99.


Based on the Secure Wallet technology (see Secure Wallet p.10), the Collect Digital Hardware Wallet is the size of a credit card and wirelessly connects to the ECOMI Collect app.

Once connected and paired, users can utilize their Collect Digital Hardware Wallet to authorize the transfers of their digital collectibles and assets.

When transferring collectibles or OMI token ownership, the user must physically approve this transaction by pressing the button on the Collect Digital Hardware Wallet.

If the wallet happens to get lost, the user can recover their digital collectibles and OMI tokens using the seed numbers generated during the setup.

Augmented Reality

A key feature of the ECOMI Collect product suite is the Augmented Reality (AR) tools.

Using this technology, ECOMI Collect allows users to bring their ECOMI digital collectibles out of the phone and project them into the real world, when viewed through the ECOMI Collect mobile app.

When viewing an ECOMI Collect digital collectible in AR, the digital collectible is like a real-world object - the user can move around it and view it from all angles.

Using the AR, ECOMI Collect users can interact with their collectibles such as move them around the real-world environment or engage in ECOMI game experiences.

In addition, users can customize their collectibles and decorate the surrounding area with props and accessories, then view (and share) these creations in AR also.

Users will have the ability to scale the AR content to match their environment, whether that be a small size on a table top, or scaled up to fill an open outdoor area.

ECOMI Collect AR is placed into the real world in one of the following ways - on a flat surface (AR technology will locate and detect a flat surface and then place the AR elements on top), floating in space, on a reference point, or based on a geolocation.


Every ECOMI Collect user has their own personal showroom- a place where they can show off their most prized digital collectibles.

A user can customize their Showroom by choosing which digital collectibles to display, selecting a layout and adding background images.

Showrooms can be made private or public.

If public, the Showroom can be viewed by other users within the ECOMI app, as well as shared across major social platforms.

Other users can show their appreciation for others showrooms by ‘liking’ and leaving comments.

Scene Creator

ECOMI Collect allows users to get creative and build their own unique Scenes which consist of digital collectibles, props, accessories and background images to create visually rich 3D environments.

An easy-to-use 3D visual editor allows users to drop items into the 3D Scene and using a range of tools, move, rotate or scale items.

The user can also adjust the scene lighting and the camera view angle to capture the perfect frame.

When a Scene is completed, the user can share their Scene/s on the ECOMI Collect Social Wall and across major social media platforms.

All Scenes can be viewed and experienced using the ECOMI Collect AR features.

The Scene Creator is a custom-built feature leveraging industry standard tools, such as Unity and integrated into the ECOMI Collect app.

Virtual Goods

As well as digital collectibles, virtual goods can also be added to the Scenes for greater customization.

Virtual goods are any digital asset that is not a digital collectible, for example a hat, tree, prop, animation sequence, background image, etc.

Virtual Goods are available both free and purchased (with OMIs or fiat) and accessed from the Virtual Goods section of the Store and within the Scene Creator.

Virtual goods are organized into categories and consist of generic content, which can be used in any Scene and licensed content, that is paired with specific digital collectibles or brands.

All virtual goods are NFTs minted by ECOMI and will be released in both high quantities and scarce, limited numbers.

Assets in the Virtual Goods Store will be provided initially by ECOMI and partners and in future releases ECOMI aims to allow user generated content to be contributed and sold within the Virtual Goods Store also.


ECOMI Collect in-app gaming allows user to interact and play with the digital collectibles they own, creating a further level of engagement.

A range of single and multiplayer game experiences can be played within ECOMI Collect using the Augmented Reality features.

ECOMI Collect users gain access to game experiences based on the collectibles they own, for example, owning a digital collectible can grant access to play AR games, which can also be played multiplayer against other ECOMI Collect users who own digital collectibles.

As users play through the ECOMI game experiences they can earn OMI Tokens, experience points (Master Collector) and find ranges of common to secret-rare digital collectibles and virtual goods.

ECOMI aims to produce game content as bite-sized playable adventures which are released on a regular basis, both as generic to ECOMI and in partnership with licensors.

Social Wall (Show ‘n’ Tell)

Within the ECOMI Collect app, a social section called Show ‘n’ Tell allows the community to connect and interact with other ECOMI Collect members.

On the Social Wall, users can share their digital collectibles, Scenes or items they are selling in the marketplace. The Social Wall will also display personalized content to the user’s taste and interest.

Users can choose to follow another ECOMI Collect user (from the users Showroom page) and will see this content any time that user shares something new.

Show ‘n’ Tell offers Ecomi Collect users a number of ways to show their appreciation for content posted (digital collectibles and scenes) by other member such as liking, commenting, sharing and also giving a ‘tip’ in OMI tokens.[2][1][8][11][13][15]


Digital collectible pricing within the ECOMI Collect app will be displayed in both fiat and OMI tokens.

As ECOMI Collect targets the mass market, representing payment in familiar terms (fiat) is key for adoption.

It is likely that over the natural progression of time the OMI token value will fluctuate based on supply and demand.

By pricing digital collectibles in fiat, ECOMI can ensure any fluctuations in the OMI token value will not affect the collectible price.

For example, at OMI token issuance the value of 1 OMI = 1 Sat (0.00000001 BTC), a USD $9 digital collectable would be worth approximately 138,831 OMI tokens (current BTC USD $6,483.39).

If the OMI token value was to double to 1 OMI = 2 Sats, a US$9 digital collectable would be worth 69,415 OMI tokens.

ECOMI Collect users will not be affected by these fluctuations in the OMI token value as the price will have always remained a consistent dollar value.

Secondary Marketplace

In the ECOMI Collect secondary marketplace users can connect, buy, sell, trade and put to auction their ECOMI digital collectibles.

When selling, the owner can choose how they want to sell the digital collectible - either sell at a fixed price or via a seven-day auction, which requires a reserve (set by the seller) to be met, in order to complete the auction.

Items in the marketplace can be added to the users personal watchlist so the activity can be monitored.

Users can can also make offers to swap or trade any item in the marketplace.

Token Distribution/Allocations

The current circulating Supply of OMI tokens is around ~110 billion OMI.

With the design of the VeVe tokenomic system, an additional 40%, or 300 billion OMI tokens, are held in the in-app reserve, most of which will never enter the circulating Supply.

VeVe Reserve Wallet:~ 300 bn

VeVe Vault Wallet: ~40 bn OMI added for initial liquidity

Business Development (long term initiatives): 20% or 150 billion OMI

Team, Advisors, Board Members: 20% or 150 billion OMI

Tokens in circulation (sold during sales):~ 110 billion OMI[2][9][10][14][17]


Security and restoration of private keys is extremely important and the Secure Wallet has a very robust restoration capability.

If owners lose their Secure Wallet and / or their host device, their private keys will remain protected.

During the setup of the Secure Wallet, a Recovery Seed is generated within the app, as outlined in the explanation above.

When the seed is generated, the user should write this in the Recovery Card supplied with the Secure Wallet and store it in a safe place.

In the event that the Secure Wallet is lost or stolen, the user can purchase a replacement Secure Wallet, pair it with the host device, and enter the Recovery Seed to restore their private keys.

In the future, ECOMI plans to make use of Biometric technologies to make the process simpler and more secure.[8]


David YuCEO, FounderDavid is an Auckland- based company director and was a founder of Games R Us Ltd at the age of 17.David has 21 years experience in the retail industry and working with intellectual property,transforming licenses into brands.David’s business extended into global projects with RetailManagement Group Ltd, launching brands over several continents setting up international officesand distribution centres for electronics, skincare, food and beverage products.Both businesseshave earned him Finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 and 2008, the2016 Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce award and Taipei Young Entrepreneur of theyear.Equally as prestigious, David’s company was ranked 12th in 2014 “Deloitte Fast 50 growingcompanies“.
Daniel CrothersChief operating officer, Co-FounderDan has founded a variety of successful startups, including a web agency servicing internationalclients such as Hasbro and The Red Cross.Dan’s previous successful exit was a US media companyhe co-founded, which gained millions of social followers and an equal number of monthlypageviews.Dan continues to hold interests in numerous businesses.He entered thecryptocurrencyspace in early 2016 and quickly became passionate about the cryptocurrency andblockchain revolution and has since then has been deeply involved with the crypto-world.
Alfred KahnHead of LicensingAs a licensing executive, Kahn has spent more than 30 years distributing and promoting iconicbrands such asCabbage Patch Kids,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesand Yu- Gi-Oh!He is alsocredited for the marketing and licensing programs for other iconic brands likeMario Bros., Zelda,Donkey Kong,James Bond, WWF, Polly Pocket and more.The true highlight of Kahn’s career is thathe is the man responsible for bringing Pokemon to the world.
Mikel DuffyCTOMikel has over 15 years of experience in leading technical teams to success.With a focus onintellectual property, Mikel has used both AI andBlockchainto solve major problems.He has ledteams in theBlockchainAdvisory department of KPMG, universities and AI firms, and has a keeneye for innovation.In his spare time he has developed cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, multipleother DApps and has a doctorate inPhilosophy.
Joseph JanikHead of Hardware Sales, Co-FounderJoseph is an Australian entrepreneur who began his journey at a young age, starting his firstbusiness at 18 years old.He later went on to become a leading account executive withininternational corporations focused on the stock market,Cloud technology, health and lifestyleautomation.Joseph now owns multiple successful businesses and has been involved inblockchainsince 2016, where he became a very successful day trader, as well as spotting key opportunities incrypto-space.Joseph is extremely talented at execution and has a strong passion for creativeinnovation, marketing and online business.


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