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Ebba Akerlund

Ebba Akerlund

Ebba Akerlund was an 11-year-old girl from Sweden.

[4]She was a victim in the 2017 Stockholm Terror Attack. Although a rumor circulated online about her hearing, Ebba is not deaf. [1]

A picture of Ebba

A picture of Ebba

On April 7th, 2017, Ebba was on her way home from school, Campus Manilla, and was supposed to meet her mother at a subway station.

[1]While walking through the Åhléns City Mall, a truck driven by Akilof Rachmat charged toward a crowd of people there.

[1]As a result, 4 people died and 15 people were injured; Ebba was one of those deaths and had her body dismembered.


The perpetrator of the massacre, Akilof Rachmat, a refugee who came from Uzbekistan in 2014. [1]Very little about Ebba's death has been reported to English reading audiences. [3]


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