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East Coast Football League

East Coast Football League



The East Coast Football League (ECFL) is a semi-professional league.[3] The league is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire.[12]


Operates Under NCAA Rules

The East Coast Football League is for men eighteen years of age and older and operates under National Collegiate Athletic Association rules with certain modified rules to further enhance play. Players are paid according to their team's performance. Payouts are awarded according to each team's performance. For example payouts are awarded to conference champions division champions and weekly winners. Payouts range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. [8] The ECFL consists of the East Coast Conference and the New England Conference. The New England Conference consists of the East Division and Coast Division. The East Conference consists of the Northern Division, Central Division and Southern Division.

Consists of 26 Teams

In 2021 there were 26 teams in the ECFL.

Each team has 65 players on its roster.

The league plays its games throughout the U.S. states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine during the months of June through October.[9]

Some of the teams in the ECFL are the Brockton Bucs, Taunton Gladiators, Marlboro Shamrocks, Marshfield Hurricanes, Southern Maine Raging Bulls, Connecticut Panthers, Boston Bandits, Rhode Island Ravens, Troy City Titans, Silver City Wolves and New Milford Fire.[5] The complete list of teams in the ECFL can be found on the league's website. ECFL games are worked by five game officials and are be played in the presence of a certified E.M.T. or certified trainer. It is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ECFLLEAGUE/.[4][7]


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