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Earnest Sewn

Earnest Sewn

Earnest Sewn is a New York denim brand that sets itself apart not only by demonstrating consistency in its compelling concept and lifestyle identity, but also by being actively committed to its product quality and brand.

The brand is designed by es- Paper, Denim & Cloth designer known as Scott Morrison.

The Earnest Sewn concept resides in the integration of the Japanese beauty aesthetic, Wabi-Sabi (which is interpreted as the beauty of things imperfect, modest, and unconventional), with denim's Americana past.

Launched in 2004, the Earnest Sewn design principle is literally translated as product sewn in earnest.

In staying true to this standard, a dedicated and unmistakable pride is emphasized in its workmanship and commitment to authenticity.

The production and progress of each garment, which is overseen by three people, is monitored from start to finish, at every stage: design, sewing, and wash.

The standard assembly line manufacturing process is avoided considerably, therefore reserving a number of operations to specialists and allowing one sewer to complete the majority of the garment.

Additionally, the wash process incorporates hand-drawn techniques ensuring that each pair is uniquely individual.

By signing their names their commitment is displayed to the Earnest Sewn reputation to the product and validate its authenticity and quality.

Every pair is sewn in earnest.



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