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Dylan Collins

Dylan Collins

Dylan Houston Collins, born June 17, 1995, is an American Internet personality.

He became popular for his viral Vine videos and his increasing presence and influence through other social media sites.

Dylan Collins was born and raised outside of Nashville, Tennessee. At 15, he began working with the Disney Channel’s It Factor. He went on to advance in his acting career by auditioning and winning the leading spot on Disney’s Ant Farm, only to later turn it down due to personal reasons. Collins remained active in the entertainment industry, however. Collins soon made his return to acting in a crime drama, Living In Sin, with Raging Cowboy Productions. Because of his continued involvement in acting, hosting, and entertainment, he grew in popularity on social media sites and gained a following. By sixteen, he had hosted numerous meet and greet events such as Teen Hoot. Both he and friend Austin Mahone went on to attend Teen Hoot’s “Hoot-A-Ween” in 2011.

Collins began focusing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Vine, and Twitter to connect with fans. With over a quarter of a million followers on his verified Twitter account, he was able to interact with fans from across the globe. In early 2015, he became wildly popular with Brazilian fans in particular. They contacted him by the masses, causing Collins to trend both worldwide and #1 for the nation of Brazil on countless occasions, begging the “gringo” to begin a meet and greet tour in select Brazil cities during 2015. This nickname inspired the viral “Gringo” Vine, which became popular with Brazilians and American fans alike with over 7.3 million views and hundreds of knockoff videos. Collins continued to post popular videos on Vine, reaching over 34 million views within months of creating his account.


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