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Dwhight Molina

Dwhight Molina

Dwhight Molina is a Venezuelan businessman who, as a result of his birth country's political, economic, and social decline, was forced to seek opportunities in distant lands, where he has established himself as an entrepreneur, writer, and communicator, with the goal of becoming a guide for other immigrants seeking a new opportunity in the United States.


Dwhight Molina, born in November 1982, has knowledge in Economics and Law, and is committed to assisting individuals who enter the neighboring nation to the north.

Among his many talents, his participation in the world of entertainment stands out, as the presenter of the television program Welcome America, where he has had the opportunity to interview many people who are role models for their ideas, determination, and, most importantly, their community service.


Dwhight Molina Consultancy Group was founded in 2016 as an immigration-consulting firm.

They progressed to the point where they began assisting folks with immigration stabilization.

Dwhight Molina Consulting Group has developed to provide 360-degree consulting services, in addition to assisting with immigration.

Right now, in 2020, they are extending their hand to the actual state, where they will be able to assist everyone in achieving the American dream: purchasing a home in the United States.

His expertise and work enabled him to write the recommendations that every migrant has to follow while moving to a new nation.

"This is How an Immigrant Prospers" is a how-to guide for anyone who has or is planning to leave the nest and fly.

Molina emphasizes that this is a book for anybody who is interested, because emigration is not always associated with other nations, but with any form of nest, that one wishes to escape.

Dwhight Molina uses the phrase "prosperity" to share his secrets and encourage others who want to alter their life, both professionally and spiritually.

"Our life purpose is related to our passion; therefore believing that fulfillment can be found in money is a really foolish and poor concept," he said.

Through his advice, he takes on the task of managing various procedures that entrepreneurs require; his presence as a communicator has given him the opportunity to show life stories that show that dreams can come true if you work for them.

His book is a source of inspiration for people to overcome their fears and focus on building a new life in a different country.

"Prosperity is simmering.

Its key is found in the healthy state of the soul and in keeping the thoughts on track; otherwise, our fundamental goal risks becoming muddled.

With that thought, I share what I know, since we all deserve to do what we set out to do one day, and it is much easier if it is backed by those of us who have lived it", he concluded[1].


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Feb 16, 2022, 10:06 PM