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Dustin 'The Wildman' Crum

Dustin 'The Wildman' Crum

Dusty Crum is an Orchid grower considered the defender of the Everglades national park in Myakka City, Florida. He is also a snake catcher and has caught one of the biggest Python snakes in the whole national Park. [1]

Personal Life Activities

Crum overpowers the Python and neutralizes it.

Crum overpowers the Python and neutralizes it.

Dusty was born and raised in the Southern Florida area of Sarasota, Florida. He attended Sarasota High School. [1]

A knowledgeable figure of the Everglades, he works for South Florida Water Management System & MyFWC as well as different organizations to prevent the over

population of Pythons in the Everglades area. [1]

Big Python

On May 10th, 2017, he was filmed catching the largest Python he has ever caught in all his years living and working in the park.

For Dustin, it was "like Andre the Giant versus Hulk Hogan, WrestleMania!" The park works with Dustin to keep the population of pythons under control.

The one that he caught on this day, measure 16 feet and was 10 inches long.

The snake had 78 eggs.


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