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Harley "Durianrider" Johnstone is an Australian ultra Cyclist, Vegan athlete and YouTuber of health and fitness videos who has a following of more than 216,000 subscribers. He created his Youtube channel and posted his first video, "durianrider #1 (My first ever youtube vid lol!)," in June of 2008. He wrote an e-book for his blog 30 Bananas a Day. He had a long-term girlfriend who is known on the web as Freelee the Banana Girl. He and Essena O'Neill are both well known vegan YouTubers. [1]


He went vegan in Apri l 2001 and got into raw foods in 2002. He focused on high-carb, fruit based raw foods lifestyle as he says this is the best for weight loss and health.

"My sport is cycling and cycling is about being as skinny as you can be healthfully. fruit lets one do this the easiest. Low fat high carb vegan diet would be second best. My body LOVES high quality tasty sweet fruit. It can be a challenge finding tasty fruit in this poor quality society though."

He has tried many diets in his life: Paleo, Prima, Atkins, “Fatkins”, starvation style diets.

"NONE of them work lol!

I’m lucky I haven’t died from a heart attack based on all the meat I used to consume."

Transition to raw diet

He read a book by Paul Nison.

He said it was possible to be a breatharian, so he says he sort of believed that for a while.

"I thought I was an emotional eater and would try to curb my hunger."

His fitness took a dive massively and then he learned about Doug Graham and started to pound in the fruits.

"Took me a few more years to work out that emotional eating is a MYTH and we actually need more sugar than the status quo tells us.

I also tried to be raw without eating bananas or dates.

It was ok during mango season but I was back on rice and pasta when my dates and bananas were absent."

He says he rates starches, but prefers fruits.

"Its good today knowing that its nothing mental or about discipline, but rather about carb caloric sufficiency."


He says his health was VERY poor, hence his drastic dietary changes to get drastically positive results.

He had clinically diagnosed hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue and asthma.

"I’d DEFINITELY be obese now if I hadn’t found out about the importance of the high-carb, low fat vegan lifestyles."

Personal life

He was once known for being with the famous youtuber, Freelee the Banana Girl.

"I don’t have any children.

Had a vasectomy in 2005 and enjoy the carefree lifestyle.

Having children changes everything.

Its for some but not for me personally.

I enjoy being able to do what I want, when I want without having to be mindful of the impact it would on a family situation."


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