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DuncanCantDie (born Duncan MacLeod) is a YouTuber, Twitch.tv streamer and Brave (web browser) publisher, known for his Pokémon gameplay videos on his channel. Previously, he uploaded videos of playing The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros. and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.



Duncan's YouTube channel was created in October 2013. His oldest videos on the channel include Monster Hunter 4 gameplays. His most viewed videos inlcude "MHW: ULTIMATE Bow Mixed Sets (4K)" with 337,000 views, "Nintendo 3DS Gamecube Controller Mod by Loopy" with 262,000 views and "The Ultimate Hyper Training and Bottlecap Guide! Pokémon Sun and Moon!" with 259,000 views. The total amount of views is over 48 million views. As of April 2020, Duncan has over 102,000 followers on his YouTube channel.[4]

Duncan has uploaded videos of him playing Pokemon with Callum Mortimer, aka HoodlumScrafty.[12]

OaksLab and the AutoBrock bot

Duncan and thecommondude, a well-known coder, are behind OaksLab and the AutoBrock bot, which has been pushed live in a sort of beta test for the process.

OaksLab is allowing players to make their Pokémon online before pasting the full team loadout into the stream a specific command.

That command will be picked up by the automated bot, genned, and traded to the player as long as they follow instructions.

The AutoBrock bot works in a very simple way, utilizing multiple Nintendo Switch units with Sword or Shield open on the system. Each user will first make their Pokémon using Pokémon Showdown and then exporting the desired loadout as text, which is an option readily available on the battle simulator.[14]

Social Media

As of April 2020, DuncanCantDie has over 65,000 followers on his Twitch.[11]


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