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Dudoiselle, also known as Kay, is a video game and IRL streamer. [0] [2][3]

Social Media

She has over 5,000 followers on Twitch.tv. The game which she has streamed the most is Diablo III. [2] Dudoiselle owns a PlayStation 4 and streams on her desktop computer as well. [0]

Dudoiselle also frequently does IRL Streams with her dog, doing puzzles and going about her day. She is also notorious for streaming her Body painting completely nude. [1]

Personal Life

Dudoiselle has a dog named Molly.

Dudoiselle frequently dyes her hair different colors such as pink, blonde and purple.


Kay enjoys practicing Yoga. [1] Dudoiselle is friends with Legendary Lea. [0] She is a fan of Harry Potter and The Legend of Zelda (video game).


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