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Dubizzle is an online e-commerce company for people in the Middle East. It provides a platform (website and app ) for people to upload items ads offering users the ability to buy, sell and find things within their community. You can also share your ads directly on Facebook and Twitter.

Aside from selling unwanted items, you can buy and sell cars, rent out houses, and even find jobs.

Think of it as the Arab version of eBay, Craigslist, and LinkedIn combined.

It is available in 11 countries and 31 cities across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

It is available in English, Arabic, and French.

Dubizzle's Timeline

Dubizzle was founded in May 2005, by J.C.

Butler and Sim Whatley.

They had both been living in Dubai for a few months, staying with friends and looking for jobs, when they realized that there was a big need for an online classifieds service. They bootstrapped the site from their shared living room and moved into their first office by the end of 2007.

Over the following 6 years, they grew to nearly 200 employees operating in the UAE and ten additional countries across the MENA region.

In December 2010, Dubizzle generated about 50 million page views per month, with over 3 million hits.


In September 2015, OLX acquired Dubizzle for an undisclosed amount; at this point, Dubizzle was rebrandedOLX in every country except the UAE.

OLX now gets more than 240 million unique worldwide users and generates more than 17 billion page views, per month.

The OLX network of companies operates in more than 50 growth markets in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Europe.


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