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Dual Mania (film)

Dual Mania (film)

Dual Mania is a 2018 American psychological thriller film written, produced, and directed by Joseph Strickland. [1] Cast by Cat Ellington, [undefined] the film noir style thriller stars Joseph Plummer, Michael Spitz and Sherrice Eaglin, and revolves around the dual persona a young man possesses and attempts to conceal throughout his ongoing sessions with his therapist.[undefined]

Awards and nominations

Since 2018, Dual Mania has racked up a steady flow of award nominations and wins on the international film festival circuit, including one ALTFF 2018 Fall nomination for Best Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Film at the Alternative Film Festival in Toronto;[undefined] one nomination for Best First Time Director from the 2018 Golden Earth Film Award online;[undefined] two Silver Awards for Best of the Month (September 2018 and October 2018) from the Royal Wolf Film Awards in Los Angeles, California;[undefined] four awards from the 2018 Pinnacle Film Awards in Hollywood, including three Silver Awards for Best Feature Film, Best Director (Joseph Strickland), and Best Actor (Joseph Plummer); and one Gold Award for Best Screenplay (Joseph Strickland).[undefined] In January of 2019, the fascinating psychological thriller would go on to win four more awards, all Bronze, from the 2019 Mindfield Film Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, including those for Best Screenplay (Joseph Strickland), Best Director (Joseph Strickland), Best Feature Film (Dual Mania), and Best Actress (Sherrice Eaglin).[undefined]

On February 12, 2019, Dual Mania, still holding down a presence on the international film festival circuit, received an official selection from the Rome International Prisma Awards to feature in a live event screening on March 5, 2019 in Rome, Italy.[undefined]


Dual Maniapremiered in competition at the Alternative Film Festival in Toronto in 2018, and at the Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards in Rome in 2019.

Critic Reviews

On February 15, 2019, Dual Mania received its very first official featured film review from the Rome Independent Prisma Awards, where the film critic lavished praise on the psychological thriller for being 'very well-directed' and for the actors' 'exceptional performances.'[undefined]


The feature film would go on to inspire the nonfiction book, The Making of Dual Mania: Filmmaking Chicago Style.[undefined]


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