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D.S. Arms, Inc (DSA, DS Arms)

D.S. Arms, Inc (DSA, DS Arms)

D.S. Arms, Inc is an American firearms manufacturer that focuses on FN FAL / L1A1 clones.

Their main product is the FAL SA58 in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester), but the company now also makes AR-15/M16 parts.


The majority of DSA rifles contain 100% U.S. made parts.



The company was founded in 1987 [8] and is named after Dave Selvaggio.

It was formally incorporated on 02/27/1992 in Barrington, Illinois.


Some of DSA's earliest orders were 1000 Imbel marked receivers (1993), 1000 stripped DGFM Argentine receivers (1993), and another 3000 DGFM receivers (1994) [11].

DS Arms imported Austrian StG 58 machinery and tooling equipment from the Austria-based Steyr Arms in the mid 1990s.



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