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Driss Oukabir

Driss Oukabir

Driss Oukabir is a man in his late 20s who resides in Ripoll. He is suspected of being responsible for the Barcelona Terror Attack (August 17, 2017).

Barcelona Terror Attack

On August 17th, a van plowed into a crowd of pedestrians and tourists on Las Ramblas. 13 people were confirmed dead and 80 more injured. The rented van used in the attack was registered to Driss. A passport was found at the scene, but police have not confirmed it was Driss. He has not been captured by the authorities yet.

Personal Life

Driss was born in Morocco in 1989. He claims his hometown is Marseille. He spent time in prison in Figueres, Catalonia, and was released in 2012.. His Facebook profile reveals that he likes rap music and the TV series Prison Break, and his favorite book is the Qurโ€™an.


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